1. How is good dirt™ a healthier alternative to traditional sodas?

Answer: good dirt™ combines the appealing taste of classic sodas with the health benefits of mushrooms and prebiotic fibers. Unlike regular sodas, which are often high in sugar and contain artificial ingredients, good dirt™ is lightly sweetened and free from any artificial preservatives or sweeteners. With 10 grams of fiber per serving and the natural, health-supporting properties of mushrooms, good dirt™ offers a delicious, low-calorie option that supports digestive health and overall wellness.

2. How does good dirt™ differ from other healthy sodas?

Answer: good dirt™ sets itself apart from other healthy sodas with its unique formulation. Unlike many alternatives that use stevia or sugar alcohols, good dirt™ combines real sugar with 100% monk fruit extract for a naturally sweetened taste without artificial aftertastes. Furthermore, our soda is prebiotic, specifically designed to target and support the natural microbiome of your gut. With the highest fiber content among sodas, good dirt™ not only offers a delicious and refreshing experience but also contributes significantly to digestive health, making it a superior choice for those looking to enjoy a soda that truly cares for their wellbeing.


3. What sustainability practices does good dirt™ follow?

Answer: Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at good dirt™. We use only regenerative, sustainable ingredients like mushrooms, botanicals and our packaging is designed to minimize environmental impact. By supporting good dirt™, you're part of a community that values not just personal health but also the health of our planet.